Tuesday, 25 November 2008

DOWNFALL- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downfall_(film)

For both information on these films i used wikipedia as i believe it is a very usefull way of getting information.

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Sii :) said...

How to Answer Question 1:

1. You need a brief introduction which sets out which area you are investigating and what your specific focus is. Make sure you outline clearly your ‘hypothesis/question’ and make specific reference to any key texts that form the basis of your research (Crime Watch / Key film texts/ focus papers if looking at Tabloids).

2. You then need a series of paragraphs on each of your methods, which should include reference to at least four secondary and at least two primary. Each paragraph needs to include:
an account of the method which will involve some explanation of the reasons why it has been employed.
examples (for secondary) of two sources, fully referenced and their content briefly explained; at least one specific detail from each source (e.g. a quote) and an evaluatioon of the strengths and weaknesses of the method overall.

You should end with a conclusion, which should be brief and sum up your main points. Your FINDINGS can be left to Question 2

Extra tips: Leave a line between each paragraph, don't make your paragraphs last more than a page, highlight key points if you want.

From the Noodle :)
Do it !