Tuesday, 25 November 2008

DOWNFALL- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Downfall_(film)

For both information on these films i used wikipedia as i believe it is a very usefull way of getting information.

Critical Research-MEDIA

some pretty good youtube clips of my study films for my small scale research...

Made in Britain-


American History X-
in this scene they are sitting around dinner discussing the rodney king case in wich 4 police officers were charged for violent conduct on a black man, derek (ed noeton) states that he believes they did the right thing, whereas his mums boyfriend who happens to be jewish sticks up for rodney king....what happens next >>>>


Romper Stomper-


Homer Simpson
one of the most famous cartoon characters of all time dressed up like a skinhead, donning the classic fred perry shirt aswell as the cross tattoo and skinhead written on his forehead....
are this images mocking the thuggish skinhead culture or are they promoting them by filling youths with images of this type of culture?

this is a still taken form the film American History X.
therefore this is a american take on what a skinhead would look like, the swastika on the chest, right above where the heqart would be symbolises that nazi beliefs are in his heart... ths barbed wire around the arms depicts that he is tough and can take pain, these are all signs that usual skinheads have......
the most important part of this image is the actual skinhead itself

Film Reviews

American History X- Empire Magazine


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